HDC Services

Real Estate Development

The SEDA-COG HDC has assembled a team of professionals who are expertly versed in land acquisition, land development approvals, financial packaging, and construction management. Each new development adopts a green building practice and uses energy-efficient equipment. We also allow for ample community space where the residents have an opportunity to interact with each other. We have worked with local partners, i.e., county industrial development corporations and other local authorities, to eliminate problem properties in the neighborhood or redevelopment of Brownfield sites to enhance the communities’ revitalization goals.

Property Management

The SEDA-COG Housing Development Corporation has the capacity to offer property management. Currently the HDC is providing management services to all seven of their rental properties that have been developed. Staff is properly trained and certified in appropriate compliance issues relative to low-Income Housing Tax Credit properties. It has knowledge of and works with the local housing authorities as it relates to their Section 8 Certificate vouchers.